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RST/CRC Field Day Notes Page

22-23 June 2019

Radio Society Of Tucson


Important Safety Tips

Fires: Bears (and other critters): Antennas, Cords and Ropes:

Meal Schedule And Menu

The Meals are courtesy of Boy Scout Troop 157

The schedule of meals and prices are as follows:


N1MM Logging Program

N1MM Logo

We will use N1MM as the official logging program. Be sure that you have it installed and updated before coming to the mountain. Cell phone service up there is at best sketchy. Be sure to print out or save off any of the other instructions you might need also.

Download N1MM: Click Here

To get started with N1MM, go to the N1MM Get Started Page and to configure N1MM, go to the N1MM Configuration Page.

To download the presentation that Bill, K6WSC did on setting up N1MM, here.


There is room for tents and RVs.

If you plan to bring a trailer or RV we STRONGLY URGE you tour the site before Field Day and take a look. There is not as much maneuvering room and many obstacles such as trees, stumps and rocks. None of those are very forgiving if you hit them.

Camping Reminders:

What To Bring To Field Day

Contact Field Day Coordinators:

David Holman, AC7DS:
Richard Schmidt, K7NSW:

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