RST Public Service Support

RST provides a dedicated Liaison for coordinating Amateur Radio Support to any entity that is hosting a public service or charitable event.

Cary Fishman WB2BSJ, is the RST Public Service Liaison and has, over the years, collected a readily available pool of Amateur Radio Operators that are willing and skilled in this niche of Amateur Radio Support for Public Service/Charitable events.

If you as an Amateur Radio Operator are interested in supporting a Public Service/Charitable Event or you are interested in having Amateur Radio Communications support at your event, then feel free to contact Mr. Fishman.

Public Service is an important part of the Amateur Radio Service as directed by the FCC. As a Special Service Club, the Radio Society of Tucson is dedicated to proving Public Service to Greater Tucson and Southern Arizona. Amateur Radio participation in support of PS events primarily consists of establishing radio nets to provide assistance for the welfare of the participants. A typical bike race or walk-a-thon would have radio operators stationed at various locations along the course to report shortages of water or food, and to arrange for transportation for participants who are injured or otherwise unable to complete the event. Radio contact is established with EMT's and law enforcement as necessary.
Before I moved to Tucson in 1995 I was active with PS in New Jersey, supporting National Multiple Sclerosis, Juvenile Diabetes and other charity events. The most challenging event was the annual "Coast the Coast," a 2 day bike race which followed the Atlantic Ocean starting at Sandy Hook State Park (across the bay form Brooklyn) and ended at the Cape May Coast Guard Station at the southern tip of NJ. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.
As a member of RST I have been pleased to be a part of the group of operators who use their radios to support such local events as:

Public Service is very rewarding. It gives us a chance to get our equipment out and improve our proficiency. It also lets the public know that Ham Radio is not just a hobby, and that our antennas are not just a nuisance. If you would like to try your hand (your radio) at it, let me know and I'll put you on my roster to call. If Public Service is new to you, I will pair you with an experienced operator so you can get the feel for it.

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